Contribution Options

Seventh Tradition:
Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

As the Quarantine Continues
Please keep your Group, District, and Intergroup in mind.

Here are some tips and info for Contributions

Put some money in an
envelope when you attend
a Virtual Meeting

Then when we get back to
Face-to-Face Meetings
you will have a Contribution
equal to what you would have normally given

Send a check
or money order now

Bring up the topic while attending a Virtual Meeting for more ideas and info

Become A Faithful Fiver
A faithful fiver is a member who contributes a minimum of $5 per month towards the support of Intergroup. The idea came about when we remembered that we wasted much more than five dollars each month during our drinking days. Your contribution will help Intergroup provide the services necessary to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Check or Money Order
Payable to:
Illowa Intergroup
Mail to:
1706 Brady St., Suite 201
Davenport, IA 52803

From your PayPal Account
(Possible PayPal Fee Charged)
(use "friends and family" to avoid fees)

For more information
or for cash contributions call
PH: (309) 764-1016

or click below to email

Check or Money Order
Payable to:
District 9
Mail to:
PO Box 205
Davenport, IA 52805-0205

For more infomation
click below to email

Check or Money Order
Payable to:
NIA District 90
Mail to:
PO Box 212
Silvis, IL 61282

For more infomation
click below to email