New Beginnings
Virtual Meetings
8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Every Day
Things you should know.

1) Although you don't need the App it is suggested to get it.
2) We use Cisco Webex, it's free and allows unlimited meetings and lengths.
3) Find a quiet place to attend the meeting free of distractions for about an hour..
4) A computer works best but if using a phone, plug it in and set it down.
5) Make sure you have light coming from the front and not your back.
6) Join the meeting about 15 minutes early, your first time especially.
7) Before the meeting starts all the microphones will be on for fellowship.
8) The Chairperson will ask for Volunteers to do Readings. If you would like to do a Reading it works best if you use one of the links below to download and print before hand, the Readings will be on the screen but if you are using a phone it may be hard to read.
9) When the MEETING STARTS ALL MICROPHONES WILL BE MUTED, the Chairperson will unmute you and announce that you have the floor.
10) The meeting agenda: welcome, serenity prayer, readings, topic, discussion, burning desire, announcements, birthdays, lord's prayer, fellowship/exit.
11) During the Discussion, the Chairperson will go down the list of participants and announce who has the floor and unmute their microphone.
12) During the Burning Desire, Announcements, and Birthdays, the Chairperson will be notified by you using the Raise Hand Feature that will be shown to you before the meeting. The Chairperson will unmute and announce accordingly.

Readings Used During Meeting (.pdf files)

Join via telephone: +1-408-418-9388 (United States Toll) Access code: 629624276
Join via App buy entering the Access Code: 629624276